Concept Korea Menswear Fall Winter 2017 Florence: What is Trend for Menswear?

In this month, as one experience of the project called fashion and communication for fashion industry in Florence, we got a chance to involve in the work  at concept korea. Concept korea is a special event held by the 91 edition of Pitti Uomo, with two Korean design brands including BMUET(TE) and Ordinary People come to present their 2017 fall/winter fashion collections.


At the backstage of the Concept Korea, we worked as the dressers for models. This involvement enables us to have a close look at the latest collection that reveal the trend for menswear. There are the trends we round up in the florence fashion week.

oversized-coat-trendPicture via Picture via,28087.html

Loads of Oversized Clothing

One of the trend capture my attention at the Concept Korea  is the oversized clothing. In the Fall/ Winter 2017 collections, I saw a a good amount of oversized, be that extra-long coats, sweaters and loose pants. Actually,  seeing this trend is not exactly something that is unexpected as the oversized clothing kept its strong position for several seasons, but it is interesting to near every coats are oversized.

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Super-long Sleeves is still happening 

Super-long sleeve is one of the super-hot trend in 2016. I noticed that it is still happening in this season and seems to still be the vital part of fashion trend in this season. Super-long sleeves takes places on casual knitwear, tracksuit and super-long coat in different ways. For example, MUET(TE) amplified the sleeves of the sweater with a few extra inches and Ordinary People run them right past the fingers. Like other items, super-long sleeve looks best when paired with simple pieces like a pair of black pants.

puffa-jacketPicture via,28087.html

Puffer Coats  

One look that keep you warm as well as chic is wearing a puffer jacket. The use of quilt on clothing is actually a top trend in 2016 that continue into 2017, right into the fall and winter fashion. During the presentation of the latest collection of Ordinary People, it is easy to see the trend appears on coats, bombers.

stripes .jpgPicture via,28087.html

Stripes are Everywhere 

One of the 2016 biggest trend continue to storm the Fall and winter 2017 runways in different styles-some ran while others diagonal. The diagonal stripes seem to take more space this time, at the Ordinary People, a bevy of diagonal stripes lined a off-white  puffer coat with cinched waists.


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